Customer Communication: How to Improve your Company’s Site


In the entrepreneurship sector, customer communication has become one of the hall markers for success. While as much as we would like to focus our attention in creating the best product and service for our client, in reality, this is just half the battle. The second half requires the day-to-day operations of customer communication. When we look at customer communication in a bird’s eye view, the overall procedure plays a grander role in building that much needed rapport for company-client relationships. It allows customers to gain the necessary information they need, while also giving the company the essential communication in how we can improve each and every day.

As you have probably noticed in your business, the customer will, and will always be, king. In addition to what you are doing now, there is always ways in which you can improve and maximize customer communication channels, especially on your website. To compete with them, start taking a different approach in how you market and communicate your brand, your product, and your company online.

Below, I have provided five tips for you can improve your company website. These tips break down the overall logistics you need so that your customers have a holistic understand of your company and your services.

Get Into the Mind of the a Customer

Like in any business, you want to make sure you are looking at things in the perspective of your client, especially for your website. Having this holistic open-minded outlook will allow you to fix any tweaks or misunderstandings clients may have when viewing your site. Start off by signing onto your site. Ask yourself a variety of questions:

  • Will they be able to get in contact with us?
  • Does our site highlight our Vision, Goals, and Beliefs?
  • Do we showcase our product and service to the best of our abilities?

If you are able to answer the following questions, your site is in good hands. If, however, you are struggling to find detail-oriented answers for these questions, then this may be a great starting point in revamping your company site.

About, Contacts, & Vision and Goals Pages

Regardless of what field or industry that you are in, you want to make sure your customers have a strong understand of your company and your services. To accomplish this, make sure you have a page (or pages) that showcases your company history, your products, and your vision and goals. Having this type of information allows customers to understand the type of people they are doing business with while also adding a level of trust and faith for the reputation of your company. To enhance this even further, make sure you have a contact page where your clients and customers can communicate their questions, concerns, or thoughts about your business and your services.

Showcase your Work

To help build up a strong and sound reputation, you should try and provide videos, photographs, and reviews on your company site. This will once again prove to your customers how trustworthy you are as a company. Make sure that these videos, photographs, and reviews highlight your mission and customer satisfaction. One thing I would advise is to not over do this process. Two to three videos are enough to showcase your company’s services. Anything more can be overwhelming, or worse dishonest, to your clients and customers. Be natural and organic. If there are some flaws, make sure you stay ahead of the game and highlight what your new product will do to overcome this problem.

Live Chat Feature

Now, some of the best customer service sites are those that have live chat features. When a visitor lands on your site, you want to make sure they are able to get their questions answered easily and conveniently. To enhance this without simplify your content, try and add a ‘Live Chat’ software where a person can communicate freely with someone at your company. Having this option can help guide and support those visiting your site and provide them with that much needed information.

Stay on top of your Social Media

Like it or not, we live in the digital age where social media is one of many marketing tools for the future. For many people, this concept can be unfamiliar. While it may be daunting to jump into a new field, familiarizing and enhancing yourself with various SEO tactics can be the game changer you need in improving customer communication. To optimize this to its fullest, make sure you have the following

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog (on your site or a new site)

These big three social media platforms provide your customers with real-time communication. In addition, it gives your company an opportunity to branch out and tap an online market that can benefit your sales and your image.

Once all of this is done, be sure to test out these features. As you navigate through your company site, you want to once again assume the perspective of your customers and make sure you are able to go through each page with ease. Having this constant mentality of your customer’s perspective will help you refine and enhance any glitches so that your business’s customer satisfaction can improve each and every day.